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Walk Through The Fire (Elementals)

Recovered from Dain’s sticky mess, we once again gathered around the teleporter.

Time to choose another button and continue our exploration of this tower. The teleportion device was a marvel, and the Tower itself was a gorgeous construct. Such a shame it had fallen into the hands of the cultists.

“The star!” I insisted this time, and so we gathered together and were whooshed upstairs to a brightly lit room with a huge glass lens for a roof and a large telescope.

“Ah the observatorium!” observed Malkanis incorrectly.

Unfortunately we were also to discover that the observatory was already occupied. “Here we go again” I sighed as more dragon cultists and mages began attacking us.

Lorog hurled a javelin and everything went crazy. One of the cultist mages remained expressionless as he threw a frost cold attack spell at us, Baltazar parried with a ray of frost and then we were all fighting for our lives.

Finally, we beat out the bad guys and I scampered up a nearby ladder to investigate the glass ceiling. Malkanis followed me and touched his charmed sword to the lens. I looked at him disbelievingly as it shattered all around us. We slowly descended the ladder.

Back on solid ground I was delighted to see that Baltazar had somehow been reunited with his faithful familiar Athena. I took this as a good luck omen as I picked glass splinters out of my clothes.

Someone had rifled through the belongings of our defeated foes and discovered an hourglass key! Ahh! The way to the elusive hourglass room? We picked our way through glass to the teleport pad and were off again.

The candle grows low as I write this, so I shall have to cut short the details of our derring-do..suffice it to say that in the hourglass room, we were confronted by terrifying fire and earth elementals.

Lorog threw himself recklessly into the fray, and Dain was inspired by the blood lust and followed his leave. I see everything that happens in these battles but I am sure our barbarians just see red mist.

Turook our orc doesn’t like fire. “NOT LIKE FIRE!” I hear him yelling from across the room. Some of us are actually set on fire, but we managed to extinguish each other thank goodness.

From one battle to another, and MORE elementals. The details blur, but I remember Malkanis stepping from the teleporter with a pillow in his hand. I took it gratefully something to smother flames if I was ignited again..! I know I can’t have dreamt that he showed up with a pillow because I have it with me even now as I write…but that was weird.

The last fire elemental we encountered, I believe Kerranin took down..he smote that hot headed enemy and extinguished all light from the flame of his existence. Although he is a bit brainless when it comes to his Dragon Rage, he is a very clever cleric. I think him stopping the mages from casting spells on us by casting a holy silence upon them probably saved our skin!

Ahh the candle is fluttering out..I must end.

– excerpt from the journals of Fickle Silvershield, 1st day of Highsun