Escape from Xonthal’s Maze

Our group was weary from wandering through the maze. Following the direction that the sundial was indicating or just following a straight line didn’t seem to be getting us anywhere.

Bored and restless, I leapt onto the sundial in frustration and was astounded when I seemed to fall into space and out of existence for a moment, seconds later I stumbled out of the hedges to the surprise of my confederates who all turned around to survey me.

“I fell through the sundial!” I said
“Yeah, we saw you” they replied

In the time I’d been falling through dimensions a strategy for conquering this maze had been agreed on, and as we progressed, it seemed we had finally figured things out. Malkanis threw his greatsword at the ground in disgust. “I said we should try this from the beginning of the maze!” he grumbled. When he retrieved his weapon, the grass where it had fallen was white with ice.

We wandered into a charming grove where a we came across a pagoda surrounded by a moat with a quaint bridge leading to its entrance. The monk beckoned us in, tempting us with soft cushions and a boiling kettle. He was dressed in yellow silken robes decorated with gold and red fish and he bowed deeply to us. We were enchanted by the faint music playing all around and a few of us ventured within, to avail ourselves of his comforts. Alas! This comfy haven turned out to be a trap and the monk transformed into an evil dao, the kettle turned out to be full of poisonous fumes and a wall flew up trapping us inside!

While we engaged the dao in combat choking from the poison, our faithful companions outside vigorously attacked the wall to try to come to our aid. After a frenetic melée inside during which Malkanis was knocked unconscious, and those trapped suffered much damage our friends efforts to smash us free concluded with a mighty fireball cast by Euralyre. The wall was sundered and once our party was able to act in force against the duplicitous dao he was soon bested. Dain struck the killing blow and we cheered with relief before Okran tended to our wounds. We found a gem in the accursed kettle and Mim added it to our collection. This maze is good only for near deadly encounters and gemstone aficionados it seems…

We slept in the pagoda, but restlessly and woke up feeling out of sorts and not at all refreshed. The evil effects of the maze haunted us even in our dreams.

The next time we chanced across the all too familiar sundial we leapt through it together. When Dain seemed reluctant to follow, Turook grabbed him by his helmet and dragged him along. Gasping and laughing we emerged to find we were at the foot of The Tower…

What lies ahead we can not tell, although I for one shall be quite happy if there are no sundials or hedges in our immediate future.

– excerpt from the journals of Fickle Silvershield, 19th day of Summertide

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